Pikachu Detective 3DS Review

Unfortunately (and fortunately), Pikachu Detective not about the cynicism and drama, although conventional crime there. The game is a classic detective story, where the main role is given to Tim Goodman, the only understand Pikachu the person who is looking for his father, but the main star is undoubtedly cute yellow “Energizer”. His behavior and nice manners boorish diluted far from the dynamic process.

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While all polls, all read, think and make the right conclusions, it will take time. However, through informal conversations eared with other pokemon, sometimes appropriate prompts and conduct the investigation is up. At times. In fact, the charm of Detective Pikachu kept on the same animal, as Goodman put it mildly, boring friend.

About the plot, so I will not say, even if he is traditional: the relationship between the companion of the hero and his father, lost memories, a sinister secret — one word, classic. However, even it can be presented so that it was interesting to play. On the one hand, Creatures Inc. unable: the main story is diluted mysteries associated with the virus R making pokemon aggressive, and gradually the scales. It all starts with sheer detail, and then, on the patterns of the detective genre, it grows to a size such that at least the current fight.

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On the other hand, a pleasant experience with Pikachu and gaining momentum investigation gameplay. It is too simple and straightforward, that in the later stages of the game becomes a problem. Initially, when witnesses and evidence enough, everything goes relatively quickly. Tim and Pikachu interrogate all available characters and find all the visible clues to unlock new questions and, accordingly, the next stage of the investigation. The only way, and no step aside. Everything here is impossible to guess at a few things at once to find the culprit. Rather, guess you can, but the culprit will not be activated until the necessary script.It turns out, not very pleasant for fans of detectives picture. A priori it is impossible to lose — you just will not screw up the story. To crack the mystery on basic hints and solve the case is also of no help: as a player by the scruff dragged all the witnesses and unlockable issues-triggers. Given the generally low difficulty of the puzzles, this approach frustrating. It would be much more interesting, gamers have the ability to fall and get a strong rebuke of electro-death in the spirit of the Game Over from the Goblin Styx: Shards of Darkness. But scathing in accordance with the character of the local Pikachu — ash himself commanded. Alas, go and talk to anyone for the tenth time until you find missed him — the only sentence in Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu is the game as simple as possible, so don’t expect her serious mysteries and the thoughtful plot will name Pikachu. However, Creatures Inc. did a nice game, though inclined to brainstorm, but calling non-stop affection. Yes, emotion is simple, but sometimes, especially after a hard day’s work, nothing else and don’t want to. The soul only requires to be filled up on the sofa, to see an old acquaintance from the cartoon of the 90s and to pass with it a simple but pleasant journey