Top 5 best games for Nintendo 3DS

To last and have meaning to dwell within our small but hopefully useful digest.

Fifth – Resident Evil: Revelations

Many have heard about Resident Evil: Revelations, but not all know her personally. The reason for that is numbered Resident Evil 6, which easily drew all the attention of fans of the franchise itself. And I have to say, largely thanks to the excellent marketing campaign, and not because of the outstanding quality of the final product. “Revelations” (aka Revelations), so it would have languished on the margins of history, but Capcom very accurately chose the target framework for your project. And let subsequently the game got to the older consoles, on 3DS it feels most comfortable and appropriate.

Actually, Resident Evil: Revelations is a kind of bridge between classic and modern “Mansion of evil”. From the first there is an oppressive atmosphere, many adventure elements and not too fast paced gameplay. From the latest camera from behind the shoulder of the hero, a powerful graphics engine and the ability to fire during movement. Together it turns, on the one hand, monotonous and oppressive, and on the other – very entertaining and not at all archaic horror.

Though static screenshots of this and will not say, but in the dynamics of Revelations looks phenomenal – almost at the level of Resident Evil 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

For owners of the 3DS Revelations valuable as evidence of the considerable power of this gadget. Still fully dynamic lighting, layered textures and advanced shaders are not the most frequent and therefore very welcome in handheld Nintendo.

Fourth place – Pokemon X/Y

“Pokemon” is the second, after “Mario”, the most popular brand Nintendo. At least if we are talking exclusively about Russia. Probably most of our readers at least a glimpse of a cartoon series in the early 2000s or tried game series on the Game Boy. And if you have not seen and have not tried it, then at least heard of this phenomenon.

Pokemon (X/Y – is no exception) is pretty hardcore roleplay where you want to collect pocket monsters, upgrade them, and battle with other trainers.

This pattern wanders from issue to issue and always remains unchanged and varies only the world, plot outline and direct the selection of pokemon.

Like any Chapter of the series, X/Y is perfect for playing in the road.

The main thing – eternal gathering, and numerous battles and not a deep story,

for whose UPS and downs have to strictly follow

X/Y is in General strictly follows the traditions of the franchise, but expands them. The first thing that catches the eye – a fully three-dimensional, and very bright and colorful graphics. Yes, in less than 17 years, as the developers finally abandoned sprites and switched to polygons (hurray!). In mechanics, too, is not without innovations. For example, the controlled monsters can now evolve into a special super-strong mega-form. However, only for a time, because otherwise this feature completely would break the game balance. Add to this advanced social features and enhanced multiplayer – and will almost the best series in years. A similar view, incidentally, held by many Western and domestic critics.

Third place – Fire Emblem: Awakening

And RPG again, only this time the tactical and valiant (or not) of knights and mages. The history of Fire Emblem originates long before the advent of the 3DS, but not all know what “Fire emblem”. Reason – a lot. For example, some pathological reluctance of Nintendo to localize games in the series in the West, and especially in Russia. In contrast, the same “Pokemon”, in Fire Emblem, just the script and story are played if not a leading, one of the main roles. As you might guess, without a clear understanding of what is happening there is simply nothing to do. Fortunately, separate editions of “Logos” has reached our shores in the days of the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, and now 3DS.

Fire Emblem: Awakening – in many ways a typical strategy RPG. With segmented fields, tiny figurines of soldiers and tons of statistics. Here are your tactical skills more than once or twice will be subject to a test of strength. What move to make, as it is his to do what skills to pay attention to and which to leave for later – will have to regularly answer these (and other) questions.

Strategic mode Awakening – in action.

Do not worry, such a minimalistic appearance directly the fighting here

fully three-dimensional and very entertaining, especially with the included 3D

One of the unique “chips” Fire Emblem – the ability to, uh… to marry heroes. Stronger than blood ties in your team, the better it will cope with any adversity. There are of course imposed on the comparison with some of The Sims, but believe me, it’s not appropriate. Still stoic heroes Awakening alien to worldly needs and “domestics” – they would all fight so to unravel the dense tangles of intrigue and conspiracy. That, in principle, for the best.

Second place – Luigi’s Mansion 2

Even the most devoted fans of the mustachioed plumber’s hardly going to remember the original Luigi’s Mansion is one of the launch games for the console GameCube. Meanwhile, she is not allowed to pass a couple of evenings in the company of the cowardly Luigi, but also demonstrated the huge potential of the consoles from Nintendo. All these glare and reflections, great play of light and shadow, and more – then we were not spoiled like neither the PlayStation 2 nor Xbox first.

The sequel, released already 12 years old, performs a similar role on the 3DS in the first place fascinates with its beauty and immerse in the unique mystical atmosphere.

But, unlike the original, there is considerable depth and a large variety of game situations, and much more. The mechanics is simple as a penny: you are in the role of Luigi, there are several houses with ghosts and there are, of course, the Ghost that urgently needs to catch.

The cowardly brother of Mario, an almost perfect comic character,and quite deep and sophisticated.

One of his timid podpisanie in-game music is worth something!

But this simple, if not primitive formula, the developers have managed to build a five minutes to a perfect game. Moreover, the game adventure, where you often need to think a head. Believe me, never catching the evil forces did not bring much pleasure and fun. But then even with the humor perfectly in order, if you nostalgically remember, for example, the classic animated bickering Tom and Jerry, be prepared to laugh out loud.

First place – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D / The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I confess, I cheated and cheated. In the first place are just two games – and both, as you might guess by the names that belong to the franchise The Legend of Zelda. What to choose? There’s no need to choose – just go to the nearest store and buy each of them.

Many are asking, and what, in fact, the buzz and the sense of “Zelda”? So, the main thing in any The Legend of Zelda – a sense of ADVENTURE. Kapslok absolutely appropriate, because no other development (except Metroid) will give you similar sensations. There is only you, there are full of secrets and mysteries the world, and there are many opportunities and options for the study of the world itself. In addition, each part has its own distinguishing feature. It may be the ability to decrease (The Minish Cap), transport areas (Phantom Hourglass) or the ability to travel through time and space (Ocarina of Time).

Occasionally peeking at the text and video transmission –

the norm for The Legend of Zelda ever since the very first part.

Painfully, a lot of secrets that are difficult to detect even for an experienced player

You can not know anything at all about the series and to start playing first in the hands of the head – whether classic A Link to the Past Skyward Sword or modern. And each of them will give you hundreds of hours of top-notch gameplay. Yes, sometimes there will be difficult and will have to wrestle another puzzle, but therein lies the whole point. Interesting fact: the authors of last year’s Tomb Raider shamelessly derived inspiration from “Zelda”. And if the recent misadventures of Mrs. Croft fell you like “Zelda” cannot miss in any case.